Death is the ultimate truth, and at one point in life, you are bound to lose a loved one. Losing a friend or a family member can be a very painful event in your life. Memorizing the death of the deceased helps you in dealing with the grief and beginning your healing process. A memorial service can take place a week or two after the burial or cremation of the deceased body. You can also decide to hold the service before burial or on the first anniversary of the deceased. There is a variety of locations to choose from depending on how you want the memorial service to look like. Majority of funeral memorials follow a religiously guided procedure, but you can choose to deflect from it, depending on what you are looking to achieve.

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Funeral memorials play an important role in commemorating the life lived by the deceased. You will always have the memories of a loved one even after they pass on, having a funeral memorial service gives you the opportunity to say your goodbyes. Funeral memorials give you the opportunity to honor the dead through prayers and any last words you have at heart.

Funeral memorials do not have to be a lavish event. Working within your budget ensures that you do not interfere with your finances. A simple, informal gathering where you invite close friends and family should be enough to offer an opportunity for you to pay your respects. Choosing the location of the funeral memorials should involve looking into places that have personal significance in memorizing the life of the deceased. You may also decide to have a reception after the funeral memorial service is done with. Having family and friends in such a trying time ensure that you have the emotional support you need to go through it.

Types of memorials

Some of the types of memorials you can have included;

- Cremation memorials

- Etched family memorials

- Flat memorials

- Infant and child memorial

- Single site family and individual memorial

- Traditional family memorial

- Unique family or unique individual memorial

You can also have a memorial bench in whichever park you choose engraved with a message in memory of the deceased. Commemorating the life lived by the deceased ensures they are accorded the respect they deserve and the life they lived honored.

The Benefits of Having a Memorial Service

Having a ceremony where you say your last goodbyes to your loved ones is the first step towards healing after losing a family member or a friend. Each memorial service is unique in its way, guided by what you as a family wants to be incorporated. You should consider your budget and your faith also play a huge role in the preparations of the service. Other than the location, musical selection and the timing of the memorial services, you are required to decide who is to lead the event. The service can be run by;

- A funeral director

- Member of the clergy

- Family

- Close friend

Through this memorial service, you can honor the deceased by using this opportunity to talk about them in depth, grieve together with everyone else and share stories about them. This process helps you accept reality and come to terms with your loss. Saying your final goodbyes and showing respect for the deceased helps you let go in a dignified manner. With such an opportunity, you can express how you feel and focus on how your life changes from this point onward.